Papercut - papirklip

Naja Abelsen

Papercut - Papirklip


Around christmas time, I often do a little papercut, and enjoy this much.

I use art quality paper, for drawing and watercolour, heavy weight, so they can stand by themselves.


Omkring juletid klipper jeg ofte papirklip, og nyder dette meget. Bruger kraftigt kvalitetspapir til tegning og akvarel.

Reindeer in snowy weather. Reindeer and Christmas belong together. And reindeer lives in my country: Greenland.

Papercut 31 x 22 cm. 2017

for sale.

Papercut for winter Solstice.

The motive is the nordic Sun, dragged over the sky on her horsecart by the horse Skinfaxi

(but here there are two of them, due to the symmetrical fold)

December 2017

For sale.