Photo Abstractions-Light

Photography Triptych


The concept was to merge my greenlandic and danish heritage. Two photographs, one from Greenland, one from Denmark are melted together in photoshop, and then assembled in a collage 3 at the time.

I prefer to do as little as possible: the raw shot is what you see: maybe only a little darkening is other manipulation.

The triptychs can be printed to a lenght over 100 cm, and height 33 cm at my studio in a limited edition of 3 per triptych.

They can be printet with a height of 42 cm x lenght, in a limited edition of 3 per triptych.

Photography Abstraction Light

To seek the light, the abstraction, dwell and soak in light itself

No manipulation other than minimal cropping, minimal darkening or lightning of the potos.

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